Modular Buildings

Modular Buildings For Sale.

If you have a much larger project and plenty of space to spare; then you can take a look at our modular buildings for sale. These are still a cost-effective solution to your needs, however, they boast a lot more features than a portable cabin can provide. We do recommend that modular buildings are chosen for longer-term projects, however, you can choose them for shorter leases should you wish to.

The modular buildings for sale that we provide come with a range of amenities. This includes heating, power sockets, double glazing and lighting too. We can also work with you to ensure that all of your requirements are met.

Our Modular buildings for sale are available for a range of customers. This includes offices, canteens and even schools.

Please see below our latest stock of modular buildings for sale or sale. Our stock of modular buildings is changing regularly, so if you don’t see what you are looking for please contact us as we may have something to offer you. 

50′ x 24′ Portakabin Modular Building

50’ x 24’ Portakabin Building. Open Plan Office. Plastic Coated Steel Exterior. Plastic Coated Profiled Steel Roof. New Plasterboard Interior Walls And Steel Ceiling, Will Be Fitted With 2 New uPVC Double Doors. 20 New uPVC Double Glazed Windows. Complete With New Electrical Installation, Including New High Level And Skirting Trunking Throughout. New Heating, Lighting, Power Sockets And RCD Protected Consumer Unit.

Internal Is Currently Undergoing Refurbishment, It Has Been Lined Out And Is currently Being Finished With High And Low Level Trunking, Wall And Window Trims. Electrical Installation Wil Be Carried Out Once An Order Is Placed, Ensuring Customer Requirements Are Met. Price Includes 12 LED Strip Lights, 10 Double Sockets, 6 Panel Heaters And 1 PH Distribution Board,  New Standard Cushion Floor Will Also Be Installed.

Images 1 And 2 Are The External Refurb Of Actual Building, 3 And 4 Show Recent Finished Project Of 40ft x 20ft Portakabin Building. The Above Will Be Finished As Shown Here.

Price: £45,000.00

Size: 54′ x 24′
Style: Open Plan Office
Type: Modular Building

Our Mission:

‘Cabins for Hire & Sale’ specialises in providing a used modular building for sale in the UK. We aim to design a structural edifice by assembling distinct pre-built components. Used Modular buildings can be hired at a very reasonable monthly installment rate with minimal repair and maintenance costs, hence making modular buildings for hire and sale in the UK an economical accommodation choice.

How do Modular Buildings for Sale Work:

Every modular building for Sale is pre-fabricated and provided with all essential elements such as electrical devices, plumbing components, heating feature and other finishing touches; modules are surveyed once before being delivered from the factory to ensure that every prerequisite has been successfully provided without compromising quality. Upon completion, these modules are conveyed to the assemblage site through road vehicles, and then a crane is employed for their precise positioning as per the selected design. Modular buildings for sale in the UK are reliable because these are assembled on-site, hence sustaining complete transparency.


We provide a diverse range of multi-storey modular buildings hire which are the perfect choice for large corporate ventures. To meet the expectations and requirements of a contemporary corporate site concerning professionalism, we provide modular site designs that are adaptable to almost any expanse. Safety is of utmost importance in all our module designs, and so we offer a controlled-access feature in all modules.


From prefabricated modular building sale to relocatable modular building sales, we specialise in providing creative, tailored classroom designs for all levels of education that conform to the conventions and standards of educational establishments. A classroom the classic example of a transportable modular building which can be instantly assembled into an already existing school module to provide with a space-up option in case the school is running out of space, making it convenient to expand a school’s occupied area up to a multi-storey structure. Classroom modular building hires are custom-made to meet the needs of the educational segment; therefore, we retain sufficient aeration, enhanced allowance of natural light dispersion through each classroom module so that students are better able to focus. Considering the provision of a modular building hire for nurseries or preschools, we offer already fitted finger guards on doors, smart alarm systems, exterior armour, air conditioners and electric heaters. The very concept of an off-site assemblage for classrooms ensures that modular building hire will not just be pocket-friendly but also convenient and quick to set up within a measured timeframe as in emergency cases.


From an individual ward to a fully established hospital facility, ‘Cabins for Hire & Sale’ delivers top-notch modular healthcare amenities which is prepared as quickly as you need it and as competent as the standards entail. The modular building hire under healthcare is resilient enough to withstand all external environmental conditions while coinciding with indispensable medical technicalities.